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My given name is Ellis Lee Knox, but I have been called Skip almost since birth. I live in Boise, Idaho and have spent nearly my whole life in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. I've been married to Debra Knox since 1969 and we have three children.



I have been adjunct faculty at Boise State since 1986. In that time I have taught courses on the Renaissance and a course based on a marvelous series by Jacob Bronowski entitled "The Ascent of Man." Those courses are no longer offered.

I teach four courses regularly: History of Western Civilization, The Late Middle Ages, The Crusades, and The Reformation. Typically I teach Western Civ every fall and one of the upper division courses each spring.

Besides these I taught "Computer Systems for Business" for the College of Idaho in 1988, taught a Western Civ course remotely for Eastern Oregon University in 1993, and taught summer workshops in game programming for four years (1988 to 1992).


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I have a deep interest in science fiction and fantasy and have been published in that field. In addition, I enjoy creating electronic music in my home studio. I love to travel.