Syllabus, Spring 2017

NB: the syllabus is not official until class begins. Nevertheless, what you find here will be pretty close to the finished product.

There are three kinds of assignments in this class: Discussion, the Term Paper, and the Reading. Be sure to read everything in the Syllabus, including following all the links.



You must post a minimum of three messages a week, every week. Participation at less than the minimum cannot earn a passing grade for discussion. See the Study Guide for a detailed description of what I'm looking for in the online discussion.

Term Paper

One term paper for the semester, with the opportunity to rewrite it for an improved grade. You will want to read the requirements on this. You will also find there a list of term paper topics from which you may choose. You may choose a different topic, but please clear it with me before beginning your research.


All pages within the Syllabus and all pages within the Study Guide are required reading. All of the online essays and other links within the five study Sections are required. Everything under Supplemental Resources is optional.

The reading consists of essays by Knox plus primary sources (from a variety of sites). There is no textbook. I'm making use mainly of my own essays supplemented by articles from Hazard's six volumes that are all online at the University of Wisconsin, plus a handful of other articles.

You may, if you wish, purchase a standard textbook on the topic. Some students find this useful. I suggest either Hans Eberhard Mayer's The Crusades, or

Schedule of Assignments

Assignment or Topic of Study Due Date or Begin Date
Semester begins Jan. 9
The Creation of Outremer Jan. 9
The Crusader States Feb. 6
Jerusalem Lost Feb. 20
Crusading at its Height Mar. 13
Term Paper Topic and Bibliography due Mar. 13
Spring Break Mar. 20 – 26
The End of Outremer Apr. 10
Discussion ends Apr. 30
Term Paper due May 1

The weekly discussion requirement is suspended for the Break. The forum will remain open so conversation can continue, but it is not required for that week.


Assignment % of Total Grade
Term Paper 60%
Discussion 40%

Be sure to read my grading policy in the Study Guide for more details on how I grade.