Europe in the Late Middle Ages

by Dr. E.L. Skip Knox

This site is Dr. Knox's online course on the Late Middle Ages. This upper-division college course covers the history of Europe from 1300 to the beginning of the Reformation (1517), a period that is often called "the Renaissance." This course concentrates on social, political and economic history, leaving the visual and literary arts to other disciplines on campus; it does, however, consider the Renaissance as a general cultural movement. It also looks at the demographic crises of the period, the Hundred Years War, the challenges to the Catholic Church, and the national histories of England, France, the Empire, and Italy.

While the site was designed specifically as an online course, it is open to everyone and anyone to read. Visitors will find the same information organized specifically for them in the Visitor Center, while my current students should go to the Classroom. Fellow teachers are welcome to email me with questions, comments and corrections.

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