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Pazzi Conspiracy

This essay is about a single incident in Italian history. In the grand scheme of things, it's of only moderate importance. I present it in some detail because it illustrates themes we take up in the Society and the Religion sections, as well as in the Politics section. Don't get too distracted by specific names and such; keep your attention on the larger picture.

  1. Murder in the Cathedral
  2. The Plot
  3. Pazzi
  4. Salviati
  5. Pope Sixtus IV
  6. The della Rovere
  7. The Medici
  8. Allies
  9. Grievances
  10. Quarrels with the Pope
  11. A Thumb in the Eye
  12. Stumbling Along
  13. The Forces Gather
  14. Plan C
  15. Daggers at Mass
  16. Chaos in the Cathedral
  17. Holed Up
  18. Things Fall Apart
  19. Voice of the Vaca
  20. Messer Jacopo Rides Forth
  21. No-Shows
  22. Palle! Palle!
  23. Swift Justice
  24. Arrests and Executions
  25. The Terrible End of Jacopo de' Pazzi
  26. A Word on Revenge
  27. Destroying the Pazzi
  28. War with the Pope
  29. Calling All Allies
  30. Lorenzo Resigns
  31. Looking for an Out
  32. Lorenzo Goes South
  33. The Naples Gambit
  34. Peace With Ferrante
  35. The Turks Invade Italy
  36. The Final Act
  37. Conclusion