Virtual Pilgrimage

Pilgrim camp at Jericho, painting
A pilgrim camp at Jericho (19th century)

Welcome to a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land!

These pages are intended to give you a sense of the places visited by medieval Christian pilgrims, as well as to explain some of the historical background of the pilgrimage and the experiences along the way. I offer this site to the general public in the hope of providing insight and understanding.

I've designed the site as an experience, as a narrative with pictures. Along the way I'll offer some background tidbits, but this is not a formal essay on medieval pilgrimage. If you are working on a paper or report, I recommend that you read a couple of the books cited in my Inquiry page—you will find your answers much more quickly there.

Where Are We Going?

This particular pilgrimage starts in southwestern France, crosses the Alps into Italy, and goes through Lombardy to Venice.

From Venice we take a galley down the Adriatic and on to the Holy Land by way of Crete. Once in the Holy Land we of course will visit all the major sites. In addition, there are optional side-trips into Egypt and into the north—Syria and Lebanon.

I hope you enjoy the trip!


With the preliminaries out of the way, click on the Begin link to start the journey.